June 5


Harry Saporta
Executive Director of Safety and Security
$154,602.67 per 2012 W2
updated salary coming soon.

If you haven’t read PART 1,  click THIS. 

From trimet.org
From   OregonLive. “Harry is the right person to help make safety the focus throughout our organization and transform the organization’s culture where safety is not just a priority but a value,” McFarlane said. “We are very fortunate to have such a gifted and dedicated professional join us.”

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When there are safety / security issues Harry Saporta is contacted. Oddly enough, a company secret for years. As the Executive in charge of that department, his intervention is the only option we, the front line workers  have. We can go through the chain of command but if it’s something of a serious immediate nature, it goes to Harry.  
As you know, Margulies has been Cyber Bullying, abusing me for years, before and after he left. Trimet was never willing to enforce in-house policies to protect me as they protected others. The reason is on-going retaliation. The far-right wing Christian conservative faction of the agency continues to exist, although somewhat limited these days.  The larger problem appears to be against women who sue the agency, win and come back.  It’s been 17 years since I’ve returned to work after I won,  but the retaliation is just as alive today as it was before I was terminated.  

These days we have a word and a definition for it.  Workplace Bullying. Similar to victims of domestic violence, I am battered at work.

This part of my comments document through email, the frustration I went through with Trimet and Saporta while being attacked by Jensen and Margulies in January of 2013. Jensen went so far as to start physically stalking me as well as the online abuses and threats. There comes a point when you look at the behavior and wonder when the violence starts.  There comes a point when you look at their respective Blogs and view ‘hate filled’ comments from unseen followers and you wonder when the violence starts. How do you protect  yourself when a system that promises and delivers protection to others equal to you,  joins forces with the bad guys against you.  Peggy Callahan Part 3.

From Margulies blog. One of his followers. Raw hatred!

An example of what Jensen posted.
is a link.  
Masquerading as a Trimet Operator. 
For some reason it’s not coming through in blue as the others. Click on it, it still works.  
Yellow highlighted Scroll down, below is a link as well. 
He  attacked me before. Although disturbing, I was totally freaked by this last rampage from 2012 and 2013. HE WAS WAY MORE INTENSE and PSYCHOPATHIC! I don’t even know the guy!  He was out of control. Following me to work. Hiding behind the Trimet building. Taking pictures of me waiting for my bus and pictures of my home. Calling in complaints. Threatening me online, name-calling, Inciting other strangers against me. 
Margulies was mentoring and encouraging him. He was one of Al’s ‘followers’ I have always had serious concerns about faceless predators hiding behind a monitor without an identity or an opinion of their own seeking to ‘fit in’ somewhere. I expressed my concerns to Trimet in 2011. They refused to respond on my behalf.  They refused to enforce their own Respectful Workplace policies against Margulies. Then aggravating it further by refusing to enforce SOP B501, customer conduct  as it related to Lane Jensen while I was on the job. 
SCROLL DOWN  (is a link) for images / history from the attacks.
I also posted some older ones from Margulies because what happened to me from Lane Jensen, Jeff Welch, Brad Pease and others was the direct result of Al’s  campaign of Propaganda against me all these years. 
January 2, 2013 was when Jensen hacked into the Trimet employee only website, found my work schedule then published it. It was terribly concerning because Margulies had been inciting his followers against me for years. They were on my Bus. In the transit centers. In stores I frequented. Some talked to me. Some glared. HR investigator Carol Jolly told me at the time she didn’t consider my bus or transit centers my ‘work space’. Just the Bullpen. Don’t know if someone told her to say that or if she was just ignorant.  It was very difficult!  So now with my work published, the predators  had access. They knew where I was and when. They had time-points. They knew when I was home or away, my days off. Because of Jensen they had a more recent picture of me.  I was scared. Couldn’t focus. Had to take off work and Trimet still uses that time frame against me as time-loss. I went through periods were I was in afraid of leaving my home. 
When you realize how Trimet treated me compared with co-workers  Roberta Aldstadt and Monica Faricy, it becomes a whole other issue. Again, not to invalidate their experiences and feelings because what happened to them was just as demeaning and difficult but there really wasn’t a comparison. Al got a ‘warning’ which forced his retirement for posting a FREE-AIRWAY dispatch of Monica and Roberta got Jensen arrested in handcuffs, jail, court – the whole deal for repeated texting and Cyber Bullying on a podcast. At least she was able to get it done, as a result I believe she helped others in the community from similar unrelated attacks. They both had support from our employer. The DA pulled out Cyber Bullying laws for her. I didn’t get so much as an acknowledgment as to what I was going through. In fact our employer, by refusing to help me ended up supporting Margulies and Jensen in their attacks against me.  
Do you realize how radically disproportionate all of this is?!!
I asked for help!  Several times throughout the years! 
One of my Assistant Managers addressed it by sending prayers in my company mail. 
March 14, 2011. We met with HR Investigator Carol Jolly. I showed her screen shots of the abuse, the name calling and asked that Trimet Policies be enforced. It was a horrible place for me, for anyone!. Hostile, intimidating, bullying!  She later refused my request and instead accused me of having ‘personality problems with Al.  “It’s incumbent upon each of you to work through your problems.”  HR Investigators are trained in dealing with abuse – even if they tell ya it ain’t so.  
I sent a letter in rebuttal (screen shot below) letting them know this was a liability for the district if I was hurt, killed or whatever…   ***Notice the last paragraph.   No one seemed to know what they were doing but they were all making huge salaries. 
The first e-mail BELOW is a screen shot from a response I received from Evelyn Warren. It was after Jensen published my work. Notice the RED highlighted sentence where she denies knowledge of the March14th letter. 
Same e-mail above. YELLOW  highlighted sentence. She sent my concerns to Saporta. But, ya know, as severe and immediate as they were – HE DIDN’T RESPOND! It was a matter of safety and security for the District and me but Saporta wouldn’t respond ’cause it was me! Jensen shoulda been imprisoned for stalking, harassing, threatening and Cyber Bullying me, a Trimet employee.
Same e-mail, highlighted in green. I decided not to change my work because of Jensen’s last paragraph. Why should I change my schedule, the regular order my life when he had access to whatever changes were made?  Trimet allowed him to the website for an unknown length of time but it was, as I understand nearly a year.  I wanted to stay away from dispatch as he was scanning it and there’d end up being a game of now you see me now you don’t. Evelyn Warren originally told me if I needed emergency help I could NOT use my cell phone. She said even if the bus was secured, shut off and I walked 3 blocks away, I would be terminated because I was technically in service – or not at the end of my line.  She said she would try and get permission for me to use it.  When I followed up (above) she denied knowledge.   
DIFFERENT EMAIL BELOW. It’s an example of an effort to bring about change to a pretty serious safety problem. Saporta’s secretary forwarded it to him. HE DIDN’T RESPOND! Not only did he not respond, he trashed my RSA, Request for Safety Assessment.  At first it was like, come on just do your job, be professional. At the very least answer back. Let the past the past. But he refused to respond.  
They say silence is a statement.  These examples of how he refused to do his job when it came to me – speaks volumes!  It also validates and documents Part ! where I say he remembers what he did to me 17 years ago, and he says he doesn’t. 
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