June 5, 2014


An array of some of the postings Jensen, Margulies and Hawk published about me through the years. They’re not in any particular order.
IMAGINE…  instead,  these attacks are against you, your spouse, your daughter or your mother. Perhaps  a friend, a co-worker, or the old lady down the street.   
Lane Jensen
Always thought this picture epitomized the essence of Jensen. Here he’s masquerading in a costume that he could never acquire on his own, standing in from of a flag representing Freedom of Speech, something he denies others. 
Followed me to work, set up his camera across the street and started taking pictures of me.
Earlier that day he was taking pictures of my home. I called the police. 
click images for zoom
I documented his taking pictures of me while waiting for my Bus. 
Who sets up a tripod like this to stalk someone?!!  
Trimet headquarters
A friend took it from the bus stop.  She was on the same bus as Jensen and Alex Hawk and became concerned after over-hearing a conversation about me.  My bus arrived, he came out quickly and hid around the corner of the building until I walked in. She said it was though he knew exactly when I’d arrive. When I came in Hawk told me Jensen was in the restroom. At that point I had no idea my work schedule had been published. I went into the Bullpen where I found out. Ass’t Mgr Mark Poulson encouraged me to get a restraining order. He went outside to verify it was Jensen, then came back and said he would put something in writing. He then avoided me for several days then later said Jensen was on public property so there was no issue.  It went from concern to fuck you!  Warren came out, wanted to know what was going on and why. Cut me off mid sentence then said they would change my work to the Board. She was initially concerned as well and gave me the day off. The next day it was ‘fuck you’. Warren then turned everything over to Liza Mitzel, my Ass’t Mgr who then ignored my requests for assistance and information for 17 days. They knew they had a liability as I warned them in March of 2011 that if they didn’t intervene in what Margulies was doing it would be a problem.  

When I’d write about my journey through the Cyber Stalking, Margulies would send these types of threats trying to stifle me. When it didn’t work he started attacking my mental state online so no one would believe he was an abuser. I didn’t stop and won’t because the topic is too important to walk away from.  The whole issue of Bullying, online or in the workplace will not stop until laws are made to protect everyone.  Bully’s are gonna bully and if you’re one and in a position of authority nothing’s gonna stop it but laws, fines and jail time.  

Alex Hawk at a Board of Director’s meeting.

Slider to 3:00 to end.
The threat, slider to 4:22
He and his friends called in 8 complaints. They had my line/train and schedule. Trimet left them on my record even though they promised to remove them. 

Brad Pease, 
Trimet Bus Operator.  
Before his remarks on Jensen’s Blog and Union only FB, I never heard of him, didn’t know what he looked like or ever had a conversation with him.  He’s a follower of Margulies. Has a weak mind apparently as Margulies’ followers allowed his continuum of name calling over the years to set their minds against someone they’ve never had an actual life experience with. Accusing their victims of mental health problems is a common thread most abusers rely on when exposed. His comments on Jensen’s Blog against me were in violation of HR policies 202 as it relates to HR 171, Internet usage / respectful workplace. When I complained, Stacy Chrest, HR Business partners, in a February 4, 2013 letter responded, “If you believe you have been defamed, you are free to consult an attorney about your options.”
On Margulies Blog from a Board of Directors Meeting.
SOP 501B Trimet refused to enforce it for me.
Margulies, “This is where I developed the bad boy image, the glasses, the voice, it was all an act…”
Associating name picture recognition with schizophrenia or other mental health issues.
I put this up at one point to see if other victims would surface and to expose him as an abuser. Personally, I won’t support anyone who uses abuse against another. I feel everyone has the right to know so they can make informed choices before logging on to his Blog. He complained and HR gave me reprimands for posting his image. Callahan wouldn’t tell me which image and I wasn’t allowed to ask. “Now Ellen, now Ellen, now you know better then that, now Ellen…”. She threatened termination if I didn’t remove it. She accused me of making an “audio recording” of him. So I guess she was accusing me going to his home and filming him. Yep!  A document exchange and public records search later showed she told Hayden Talbot and Shelly Lomax that I “removed the image” of him, then 7 months later told an investigator for the Bureau of Labor and Industries that I “didn’t remove it.”  I sent an e-mail to Leonard Lambert, my Ass’t Mgr informing him what it was about so he would know prior to the reprimands. When I asked if he looked through it he said, “Oh no, I’m not interested in stuff like that so I sent it to my daughter.” His daughter does not work for Trimet. Lambert , who didn’t have a clue as what it was about told me they told him to sign it so he did.  I later advised him not to sign his name on anything unless he knows it’s truthful.  
Discussing me on twitter after I told him I’d call the cops if he got on my bus again.  

You wanna find out how hard I’ll attack you?!!
You better hope to hell the both of you get a prison term first! 
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