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I’ve had quite the inquiries about Trimet’s HR-202, Internet Technology policy as it relates to FAIR USE laws and the internet.

Lane Jensen, Alex Hawk and Erik Halstead have been causing quite a stink at Trimet’s Customer Service offices by filing complaints against me, insisting I’m in violation of HR-202, by:

1.) Taking a picture of Lane without his permission.
2.) Posting pictures of Lane and Alex on my blog without their permission.
3.) Posting a picture of a picture on my blog that Erik took.

Historically, HR-202 was created to stop Margulies from secretly audio/video taping co-workers and passengers, then publishing those tapes over the internet via his blog. As he filmed on routes he drove, customers, unannounced to them, became part of the recordings which were then shown over the internet. Concerns developed as customers feared for their personal safety. Some may have been in witness protection, some may have been in hiding from abusive relationships, others simply asked their privacy be respected. All important information considering Al was directly responsible for it’s inception.  Odd that he chose not to disclose this to his young friends.

Nevertheless, the policy is what it says!  “You must obtain the express permission of any Trimet employee or customer before making audio or visual recordings of them or using such recordings in an internet posting.”

Regardless of what they want you to think, LANE AND ALEX ARE NOT TRIMET EMPLOYEES  AND THEY WEREN’T CUSTOMERS EITHER WHEN THE PICTURES WERE TAKEN, the same ones posted here.
Lane Jensen
Alex Hawk

The pictures, as portrayed here were taken at Al Margulies home in front of his flag. They were NOT taken from inside a bus! Therefore, policy HR-202 does not apply.  IT WOULD ONLY APPLY IF THE PICTURES WERE TAKEN WHILE I WAS OPERATING A BUS!  AND ONLY WHILE THEY WERE A FARE PAYING PASSENGER ON THE BUS! To take it a step further, they’re, standing in front of a flag which (I find quite disturbing) is representative of certain inalienable rights and yet they have the nerve to suggest (through their continuum of complaints) that TRIMET HAS THE POWER TO CONTROL all fair use internet laws even if the person in question has only ridden on public transit once.  I feel like I have to talk baby talk here because they don’t get how incredibly asinine this is!  You’re a customer from the moment you walk on the bus to the moment you walk off.  You are not a customer before or after that! Just like you’re a customer of Fred Meyers while you’re inside the store.  Once you leave – it’s all over – you’re on your own!!!

Erik Halstead.  
…and he did file it. He needs to read the ‘disclaimer’ on the right side of the blog.

The internet is the internet is the internet.  This is what I see when I google Erik Halstead, Lane Jensen and Alex Hawk:  Once it’s out there baby, it’s up for grabs!


Couple ‘a years ago, Al put out an insane number of videos about me trying to dispute my claims of Cyber Harassment / WorkPlace Bullying by using abusive tactics such as extreme name calling / brainwashing. He is someone who practices domestic abuse online. What he does at home I have no idea until someone speaks out but many women are in fear. When I exposed him as my abuser he acted atypical and started attacking my mental health in hopes no one would believe me.  At the time, there weren’t laws to stop him online. The DA’s office advised me to monitor his blog in hopes of creating laws which would eventually make it a criminal offense. I even took him to court twice hoping to gain the attention of lawmakers. The image above is a screen shot of one of the videos. It is what I often found when monitoring him.  The large bug glasses and distorted low creepy voice.  He lied to two judges, telling them he didn’t create this persona to purposely “frighten”me.  Then, a few weeks ago:

Now comes Lane, dark glasses, low voice, trying to be all creepy. Where do ya suppose he got this idea from?!!!
The video.  Give a listen!


What Lane had to say about it:
I’ve always known it
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