This one falls under the category of STALKING, BULLYING and CYBER HARASSMENT.

Starting with Lane Jensen’s video.
Notice Lane’s complete LACK of composure. He’s VERBALLY ATTACKING a Trimet Supervisor.
Notice the Supervisor’s composure / professionalism.
Notice how the Supervisor walked away.
Lane wanted a fight – he didn’t get one!
Good job, Supervisor!!!

Margulies continues to use a couple ‘a bus groupies to do his dirty work. Dirty work meaning REVENGE and GETTING ATTENTION, at the cost of anyone or anything.

So now there’s two of ’em out there walking around in what Margulies calls their “Trimet Costume.”

Alex Hawk

Lane Jensen


Supervisors have a right to question WHY NON-EMPLOYEES are riding the system walking around the Bus Mall and Transit Centers IMPERSONATING Bus Operators. SERIOUSLY, why are these guy’s masquerading US? Could it be they’re scamming the system for free rides or are they DEPRIVED for ATTENTION?!!!

Perhaps they’re on Margulies’ payroll in someway, like for pizza an ’cause they like hanging out with an old angry guy. He gives them his old uniforms and they get to pretend they’re Trimet Operators and live out vicariously through his anger?!!!

Nooooo, say it ain’t sooooo

Personally AL, I’d think you’d be getting a much stronger support base if you kept ‘IT’ FOCUSED on THOSE ISSUES you claim near and dear instead of acting out through silly irrelevant revengeful acts of terrorism. i.e. name calling, putting a dick on the guy’s head or Trimet uniforms on the bodies of TWO groupies. (number subject to change). You might wanna re-examine your motives and the type of results you expect. You know, one of those ‘end justifies the means’ type of things.

I’m gonna stick my nose in this because I find it totally in line with your online behaviors against me and am gonna tell you this ‘Uniform’ thing is disrespectful. Not just disrespectful but BIZARROOOOO!!! When we see Lane and Alex wearing them it’s like a slap in the face to every Union Operator. We’re PROUD to wear them. You chose differently, that’s your business. We’re PROUD to be Union. We’re PROUD to be part of the working class providing transit options to those who either choose transit or are transit dependent.

I asked Lane to PLEASE remove the logos, he said he would but didn’t. He doesn’t understand. He only hears your rhetoric. He IS anti Trimet, anti-Bus Operator (always looking for fault), anti Union and doesn’t understand what a respectable balance would look like AND then confrontational to Supervisor Wayne! He doesn’t understand who we are and what we do. He’s your creation! He’s not someone who’s capable of making judgments based on his own experiences AND he’s Trimet dependent. Should he end up getting excluded that’ll be on you!

Al, ya need to step off the fence you’ve been dangling over for the last several years and make a decision. If it’s Union – then SUPPORT your Union family. If it isn’t then find a life!!!

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