From International Constitution
“21.7 Disclosure of Union Business.  No officer or member of the L.U. shall furnish to any unauthorized person a list of the names and addresses of the membership. All business of the L.U. must be kept strictly private from persons outside of the Union, unless publication be authorized by the L.U., and persons giving out any information contrary to the L.U. shall after proceeding in accordance with the provisions of Section 22, if found guilty, be fined, suspended or expelled.”


Besides all of the reasons Hunt mentioned in yesterdays meeting for not allowing the Preferring of Charges to go forward,  here is the REALITY of the situation.  What this means is that when the International Constitution says ADDRESS – it MEANS ADDRESS – NOT BADGE NUMBERS.  ONE cannot simply change the wording of the constitution to suit THEIR purpose.

Did Margulies and Day publish all those private Union documents on their Rantings blog (since the blackballing scheme didn’t work)  the last couple of days because they didn’t understand the difference between an ADDRESS AND A BADGE NUMBER and decided while they were at it they might as well change the wording of the International Constitution to include the Freedom of Information Act –  OR…



Al M’s been known to change the context and significance of statements written by others on his blogs and through comments he shares throughout the community on other blogs. Something I’ve been aware he’s been doing since 2009.  Day does this as well.

I write my blog for myself because as a victim of cyber abuse it’s become my voice as well as a way to reach out to other victims of Internet harassment. But he and his friends come over here, take my words and put their own spin on it – to fit their purpose which is to discredit me. It’s another tactic abusers use in order to de-focus us from the facts and validate themselves.  We can debate different perspectives in terms of what we understand about what an author meant, but in those specific instances where reputations and abuse are on the line – it’s not debatable.  For Instance, I may write something to deflect the constant barrage of name calling and slander by simply bringing the quote to the forefront.

Then… Margulies, Chris Day and Jeff Welch through their shared Ellen Fox Slander Blog Watch write:

“Ellen Fox says Chris Day is “coming after ‘you'”   They even apply quote marks which makes the statement appear legit.

But, what I ACTUALLY wrote on that post is:

The context and meaning of my words have been changed because they are trying to control what you think, feel and interpret.  They are changing your mind-set. Every caption to every entry listed on the Blog Watch has purposely been changed for your benefit.  It’s another strategy abusers use. Abusers, once exposed will go to any extreme necessary to make sure you don’t see the truth.


While I was talking in the meeting yesterday about abuse I was going through, a woman sitting a few rows up turned and acknowledged me for what I was going through.  At one point she started repeating my words with me. She understood. If you’ve been there  – you know. She validated my experience.

Another example:

The Watch Blog says:
“Does Bruce Hansen support Ellen Fox’s Slander Blog and her campaign of hate?”

What I wrote was,
“Time to get your Bruce Hansen for President buttons and t’s on.”

My Freedom of Speech is that I can make those comments. The difference is Margulies, Day and Welch changed the spin on my statement to make Bruce look bad. They even went so far as to use ATU logo. They did this to control what you comprehend before you read it. It’s the same thing Chris Day did as he was gathering signatures for his Preferring of Charges – Blackball petitions against me. He went up to people during rush hour bullpen madness knowing time was a factor with 18 pages of single spaced print, asked co-workers to sign something “for the Union” then interpreted it in one or two sentences that fit his motives.

The words they used in those conversations as well as blog postings and headings are slander – which is hate speech and because it’s used to describe and define me to you all – almost 3,000 of ya, I can sue ’em.


Third paragraph down, “She has been claiming for years now that blogger AL M is and has been ‘stalking her’ going to such extremes as saying she is ‘afraid for her life’.

What I have ACTUALLY been saying is that in Cyber language a ‘Cyber Bully’ is one who harasses children over the internet and a ‘Cyber Stalker’ is the terminology used for an adult who harasses over the internet.  Since Al M, Chris Day and Jeff Welch have plastered my picture on their various blogs, people on my bus, on the streets and in stores I frequent are recognizing me – in a NEGATIVE way.  I have concerns about the mentality of someone who isn’t capable of developing their own world experiences but rather live though the negativity and words of others.

Last paragraph of this posting is also interesting because THEY accuse ME of Preferring Charges against Khris Alexander.  lol
The truth is that I signed a petition for his RECALL specifically because he misappropriated a Union donation (a fairly new 27” television) which I handed him for Gresham TC. He took it home for his family’s private use.  No one Preferred Charges against him to get him blackballed. The signatories simply wanted to rescind his Executive Board position. Each of us had our reasons – many were similar. He didn’t deserve to be blackballed and it was never brought up.  But, Margulies went to that Union meeting and took all of the documents provided and published them on his blog in spite of the fact that President Hunt asked that everything be kept private. He went as far as making comments in his various video rants where he acknowledged President Hunt asking that no one secretly record the meeting or take documents from it.  Margulies could have been blackballed for doing it.  But, even then with all his improprieties and outrageous behaviors – AT HIS CO-WORKERS EXPENSE – he wasn’t.  He published all the documents that night – but the subject of blackballing him for doing it never came up.

There were a few private correspondences from me that Hunt included with the packet that night. We discussed them after I discovered they became public.  He said to me, “Oh”.  lol  My private e-mail address was even published.  No reason to ask that either Hunt or Margulies be blackballed for exposing those documents publicly against me.  No one ever thought or expected Margulies should work without Union benefits or representation.


Margulies and Day’s behavior is treasonous. There’s no question the postings from yesterday and today alone should get them all the negative attention they’ve apparently been seeking.  Years ago I suggested to Hunt and talked about it in several of my postings that Margulies was giving information to people who couldn’t be happier than to see all Unions vanished from this Country.  I wasn’t implying he was a spy for them I was simply suggesting  he was behaving irresponsibly with sensitive information regarding our benefits and contract on his rants.  Video after video showed him and others at Beaverton TC talking about it. I believe he was responsible for TM receiving the Golden Fleece Award because the very conservative, anti Union anti rail movement was following his blog.  He knew they were and enjoyed the attention. In fact, Hunt asked him several times to stop talking about these things on his blog.



To my knowledge, the only member who’s ever been blackballed in the history of ATU was Tom Wallace for stealing nearly half a million dollars.


I have NEVER met or talked with Welch or ‘J’.
In fact, I’ve never even had a conversation with Chris Day.

just sayin…

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  1. Char says:

    Everyone is intitled to free speech regardless if anyone likes it or not. No laws have been broken, life is to short. Cyber bullying/stalking is a joke in your case, none of these men have threatened your life. I fully support what these gentle men are doing, they are harmless.

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