Ellen Fox says Al Margulies signature is forged!

Regarding the message posted on your shared ‘Watch Blog’:

You have a question for someone in particular? Good. Ask them directly.    

Whether you like my Blog or not, DO NOT twist the meaning of my words around to use against someone else, just because you don’t like me.

BTW, has it occurred to either of you that I too have FREEDOM OF SPEECH?!!


appears one of the signature lines on these petitions has been forged.
Al Margulies signature on the first petition isn’t remotely close to
the signature on the second petition.  Badge numbers and printed name
aren’t similar either.  AND… John Olsen’s signature doesn’t appear
anywhere on the second petition.
1.) The Union informed Chris Day at the last Blackball attempt that this is not a Union enforced matter but a Civil matter.  

2.) He is again soliciting signatures for his third attempt to blackball me.  
The purpose and intent of these petitions was fraudulently presented to
the signers.  They were not given ample time to examine or understand
the potential problems your non-union related personal and one-sided
attack against another member could cause them.   Because the petitions
involved me, they became my property to do with as I choose.  The
signatories of a petition cannot expect privacy nor can you guarantee
it.  In fact, if any of the parties signing any of these documents
wanted, they could sue you for fraudulently obtaining their signatures
as well as deceptively guaranteeing them secrecy under Union protection
as neither I, or the Union ever agreed to your terms.
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One Response to Ellen Fox says Al Margulies signature is forged!

  1. AL M says:

    OK, you got me, I was drunk for the first signature and couldn’t hardly see straight, big deal.
    I stand by both signatures!

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