Ellen Fox says Chris Day is under the wing of Al Margulies

Welcome to the result of cause and effect. The cause being Cyber/Bully
Stalking.  The effect being rumors, assumptions and locked minds.

Below, you’ll see copies of the petitions where co-workers – Union
members – signed to have a fellow member (me) under go very public
BLACKBALL proceedings from our Union.  It was not only limited to
signature gathering at Trimet properties during working hours, and at
one point in front of me – but quite literally plastered all over the
blogs of Al Margulies and Chris Day.  Additionally, they sent out
hundreds of slanderous e-mails attempting to gain attention.

Chris Day, under the wing of Al Margulies,  devised this little plan for
what appears to be a plot of public exposure intended for his announced
run for Union President.   A bit too Reminiscent of the Religious Right hiding behind religion as an excuse to HATE.

There is absolutely no reason to keep these private. I am beholding to
no one. I did initially because I wanted to act professionally and put
it behind me but clearly the damage has been done. My workplace
continues to be hostile and at this point,  I feel I need to do the
right thing by exposing those who signed petitions to have me, a Union

I personally knew three.  I had to approach them (two) myself to find
out what happened.  I am told through them as well as through friends
who questioned others that in most cases paperwork was not provided.
Signers of the petition were approached during the rush hours where
time was limited and felt ‘pressured’ to sign. I am told, “These guys
came up to us and asked us to, “sign something for the union.”
I am told,  “Paperwork? I didn’t see any paperwork!”  I am told, when
asked why one person in particular signed it, “’cause everyone else
did.”   I was told, “Chris kept pressuring me, I was busy and told him
so.  He said, “You know me, you can trust me so I did.  No, I will NEVER
sign anything again without reading it first.”  I talked with others
who didn’t sign.  They all said they felt ‘pressured’.  One said he saw
paperwork but saw my name on it and decided not to get involved.

This all happened in April.  Other than the three, I don’t know the
others, personally. I’ve identified some of them through FaceBook and
others were pointed out to me.  I recognized some faces but didn’t know
their names until now.  There are names on the petitions I’ve never seen
or been identified to me. There were a total of 16 signatures to the
online petition Chris Day placed on his website.

I am told one of the names was ADRI, (Adrianna Coleman)  who is the 15 YO that comments on Margulies Blog
and is the alleged subject of the Chris Parker sexual child abuse case.
I was not able to get a copy of that petition as it was intended for
the public.  Yep!!!  Bare in mind (as a show of character) through
Margulies Blog postings, he actually defends Parker, 53 – knowing Parker
abusing the girl.  Margulies states he is friends with Parker and the
child and explains their “relationship is complicated.”  Yet, ANOTHER
reason  for NOT SUPPORTING Rantings of a Trimet Bus Driver.

two I approached earlier) either by asking for ‘my side’ or offering an
apology.  I owe these people nothing including privacy for
their indiscretions.  I saw Gene Marsh sitting in the Union meeting
after signing two petitions but in the end he voted “NO”.  He has never
approached me and keeps his head down and turned away when seeing me.

Sandra Guengerich voted to abstain because (as she put it), “I have to
represent both of you so I don’t want to get involved, I want to keep my
hands clean.” even though I observed her with Chris as he was getting
signatures in the bullpen. Guengerich, as a Union Officer needed to TAKE
A STAND against this type of bullshit – but she didn’t.  I fear for
these young women coming into Union politics without a clear vision of
her role as a woman fighting the men for equality who are trying to keep
us down, uninvolved and back in the home.

make a comment about Ed Brock’s signature on the first petition.  He,
while Operating a 20,000 lb, 40 ton transit bus on NE 15th and Sumner –
approx two years ago – BUZZED me while I was on my bike.  I was squeezed
between the bus and parked cars and fell over onto a car to avoid
death.  I then approached him at a red light and he turned away.
Bicyclists – beware of Ed Brock.  If he BUZZES you and you complain,
he’ll try to get you blackballed from something.
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One Response to Ellen Fox says Chris Day is under the wing of Al Margulies

  1. If you ever doubted the ethics of this woman, take a look at this post.
    She cares not for the “minor” in the recent Trimet story, nope not her, she puts her name out there for the whole world to see.
    This woman ellen fox is slime.

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