Based on Welch’s Freedom of  Speech Behavior, he’s probably one of those guys who goes home,  kicks the dog, beats the kids and the wife. He refers to women as Bitch, Cunt and Whores.

Mostly, Cyber Bully/Stalkers WANT And NEED their activities publicized.  That way they can find online friends who share their abuses and can validate and feed off each other.  Kinda like ‘boys night out’ except they’re grown men mostly with mortgages, kids,  a wife or two on the side, a lawn to mow and a responsible career.  

Cyber abuse is all about personal gratification. They hide behind a monitor but no longer care who’s watching. There’s no boundaries. Their victims could range from very young children to the elderly.  Their minds convince themselves that as long as they’re hidden behind their monitor – in the privacy of their domain they aren’t culpable. 

Abusers who act out emotionally or violently in their homes go to great extremes to protect their identity.  And, although perpetrators of domestic violence and perpetrators of online abuse are similar, the online abuser can be far more dangerous.  Once the abuser is exposed they can literally snap.  Not by destroying their precious monitor but by leaving the domain and acting out on their victims.  These are people who don’t believe they’ve done anything wrong. They themselves feel victimized by their victims.  In my case, Rantings spent nearly two years creating a false persona of me in the mind of his viewers.  Constant rantings created to brainwash his viewers perception of another person without evidence.  Constantly referring to me as one with mental problems and other deficiencies  because he feared the truth about himself coming out – as it has.  The abuser, on and off line discredit their victims to protect themselves.  

Most of the screen shots and postings on this blog depict the abuses I’ve experienced from Rantings. But, he has now incorporated with two more who share his interest in people bashing.  One who decided to act out on his behavior in our workplace and the other a a blogger (Jeff Welch) from Peugeot Sound, Washington who calls me a ‘bitch’ and other choice names through screen shots and e-mail.

One of the blogger’s behavior is similar to the ‘talk show’ groupies. A bunch of viewers without an identity who latch on to someone else’s and claim it as their own.  These are the ones who end up hanging out in Mall parking lots or McDonald’s looking for someone to assassinate.  

Welch, on the other hand appears to keep his abuses to a minimun at least publicly. He’s sent me threats through e-mail and as the above screen shot shows he quietly comments on other bloggers postings.  He uses profanity.  I don’t know this guy from adam but that’s the scary part. You get people together like that who don’t know how not to HATE and you wonder how many other lives have they infected?!

From his blog, “Having a prior career in nonprofit organizations (many of which contracted with King County to provide services to people with disabilities) I have always had a positive view of King County  Government’s commitment to families.”

So, he wants everyone to ‘think’ he cares about people with disabilities and he’s a family kind of guy but then you realize what he secretly writes is who he really is.  

So, I write about Welch, Rantings and Day because their viewers need to understand they aren’t quite what they seem.  I want others who’ve been violated by these three as well as countless others throughout the internet world to know they’re not alone and here in Oregon we’re getting increasingly closer to prosecuting these criminals.  

The last several screen shots on this blog were taken from Welch’s blog.  His and another viewers comments validate everything I’ve been saying about Rantings for the last nearly two years.  When Welch realized I posted those comments he became quite enraged.  It later became clear, he didn’t want his comments seen by others as he was ‘cyber stalking Rantings.  He later posted, after the two actually met that Rantings was a, “decent guy”.  I suspect the two recognized their commonalities over their differences and decided to feed off each other as Rantings did with Day and Alexander.  Kind of like ameba’s  – each creating off shoots of their own.  
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  1. Jeff Welch says:

    I would respond to Ellen on this, but I’m far too busy kicking my dog, calling my wife the c-word, and figuring out ways to hide behind anonymity and post in secret while using my real name (even posting my personal address and phone number) on a publicly viewable blog that anyone on the entire planet (and in space) can read.

    Well, that and checking the mirror for horns and a forked tail. So far, I think I may be missing something.

    Am off now to the Sound to see if I can find the Peugeot, although I’m partial to Audi’s myself.


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