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Harry Saporta
Executive Director of Safety and Security
$154,602.67 per 2012 W2
updated salary coming soon.

If you haven’t read PART 1,  click THIS. 

From trimet.org
From   OregonLive. “Harry is the right person to help make safety the focus throughout our organization and transform the organization’s culture where safety is not just a priority but a value,” McFarlane said. “We are very fortunate to have such a gifted and dedicated professional join us.”

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When there are safety / security issues Harry Saporta is contacted. Oddly enough, a company secret for years. As the Executive in charge of that department, his intervention is the only option we, the front line workers  have. We can go through the chain of command but if it’s something of a serious immediate nature, it goes to Harry.  
As you know, Margulies has been Cyber Bullying, abusing me for years, before and after he left. Trimet was never willing to enforce in-house policies to protect me as they protected others. The reason is on-going retaliation. The far-right wing Christian conservative faction of the agency continues to exist, although somewhat limited these days.  The larger problem appears to be against women who sue the agency, win and come back.  It’s been 17 years since I’ve returned to work after I won,  but the retaliation is just as alive today as it was before I was terminated.  

These days we have a word and a definition for it.  Workplace Bullying. Similar to victims of domestic violence, I am battered at work.

This part of my comments document through email, the frustration I went through with Trimet and Saporta while being attacked by Jensen and Margulies in January of 2013. Jensen went so far as to start physically stalking me as well as the online abuses and threats. There comes a point when you look at the behavior and wonder when the violence starts.  There comes a point when you look at their respective Blogs and view ‘hate filled’ comments from unseen followers and you wonder when the violence starts. How do you protect  yourself when a system that promises and delivers protection to others equal to you,  joins forces with the bad guys against you.  Peggy Callahan Part 3.

From Margulies blog. One of his followers. Raw hatred!

An example of what Jensen posted.
is a link.  
Masquerading as a Trimet Operator. 
For some reason it’s not coming through in blue as the others. Click on it, it still works.  
Yellow highlighted Scroll down, below is a link as well. 
He  attacked me before. Although disturbing, I was totally freaked by this last rampage from 2012 and 2013. HE WAS WAY MORE INTENSE and PSYCHOPATHIC! I don’t even know the guy!  He was out of control. Following me to work. Hiding behind the Trimet building. Taking pictures of me waiting for my bus and pictures of my home. Calling in complaints. Threatening me online, name-calling, Inciting other strangers against me. 
Margulies was mentoring and encouraging him. He was one of Al’s ‘followers’ I have always had serious concerns about faceless predators hiding behind a monitor without an identity or an opinion of their own seeking to ‘fit in’ somewhere. I expressed my concerns to Trimet in 2011. They refused to respond on my behalf.  They refused to enforce their own Respectful Workplace policies against Margulies. Then aggravating it further by refusing to enforce SOP B501, customer conduct  as it related to Lane Jensen while I was on the job. 
SCROLL DOWN  (is a link) for images / history from the attacks.
I also posted some older ones from Margulies because what happened to me from Lane Jensen, Jeff Welch, Brad Pease and others was the direct result of Al’s  campaign of Propaganda against me all these years. 
January 2, 2013 was when Jensen hacked into the Trimet employee only website, found my work schedule then published it. It was terribly concerning because Margulies had been inciting his followers against me for years. They were on my Bus. In the transit centers. In stores I frequented. Some talked to me. Some glared. HR investigator Carol Jolly told me at the time she didn’t consider my bus or transit centers my ‘work space’. Just the Bullpen. Don’t know if someone told her to say that or if she was just ignorant.  It was very difficult!  So now with my work published, the predators  had access. They knew where I was and when. They had time-points. They knew when I was home or away, my days off. Because of Jensen they had a more recent picture of me.  I was scared. Couldn’t focus. Had to take off work and Trimet still uses that time frame against me as time-loss. I went through periods were I was in afraid of leaving my home. 
When you realize how Trimet treated me compared with co-workers  Roberta Aldstadt and Monica Faricy, it becomes a whole other issue. Again, not to invalidate their experiences and feelings because what happened to them was just as demeaning and difficult but there really wasn’t a comparison. Al got a ‘warning’ which forced his retirement for posting a FREE-AIRWAY dispatch of Monica and Roberta got Jensen arrested in handcuffs, jail, court – the whole deal for repeated texting and Cyber Bullying on a podcast. At least she was able to get it done, as a result I believe she helped others in the community from similar unrelated attacks. They both had support from our employer. The DA pulled out Cyber Bullying laws for her. I didn’t get so much as an acknowledgment as to what I was going through. In fact our employer, by refusing to help me ended up supporting Margulies and Jensen in their attacks against me.  
Do you realize how radically disproportionate all of this is?!!
I asked for help!  Several times throughout the years! 
One of my Assistant Managers addressed it by sending prayers in my company mail. 
March 14, 2011. We met with HR Investigator Carol Jolly. I showed her screen shots of the abuse, the name calling and asked that Trimet Policies be enforced. It was a horrible place for me, for anyone!. Hostile, intimidating, bullying!  She later refused my request and instead accused me of having ‘personality problems with Al.  “It’s incumbent upon each of you to work through your problems.”  HR Investigators are trained in dealing with abuse – even if they tell ya it ain’t so.  
I sent a letter in rebuttal (screen shot below) letting them know this was a liability for the district if I was hurt, killed or whatever…   ***Notice the last paragraph.   No one seemed to know what they were doing but they were all making huge salaries. 
The first e-mail BELOW is a screen shot from a response I received from Evelyn Warren. It was after Jensen published my work. Notice the RED highlighted sentence where she denies knowledge of the March14th letter. 
Same e-mail above. YELLOW  highlighted sentence. She sent my concerns to Saporta. But, ya know, as severe and immediate as they were – HE DIDN’T RESPOND! It was a matter of safety and security for the District and me but Saporta wouldn’t respond ’cause it was me! Jensen shoulda been imprisoned for stalking, harassing, threatening and Cyber Bullying me, a Trimet employee.
Same e-mail, highlighted in green. I decided not to change my work because of Jensen’s last paragraph. Why should I change my schedule, the regular order my life when he had access to whatever changes were made?  Trimet allowed him to the website for an unknown length of time but it was, as I understand nearly a year.  I wanted to stay away from dispatch as he was scanning it and there’d end up being a game of now you see me now you don’t. Evelyn Warren originally told me if I needed emergency help I could NOT use my cell phone. She said even if the bus was secured, shut off and I walked 3 blocks away, I would be terminated because I was technically in service – or not at the end of my line.  She said she would try and get permission for me to use it.  When I followed up (above) she denied knowledge.   
DIFFERENT EMAIL BELOW. It’s an example of an effort to bring about change to a pretty serious safety problem. Saporta’s secretary forwarded it to him. HE DIDN’T RESPOND! Not only did he not respond, he trashed my RSA, Request for Safety Assessment.  At first it was like, come on just do your job, be professional. At the very least answer back. Let the past the past. But he refused to respond.  
They say silence is a statement.  These examples of how he refused to do his job when it came to me – speaks volumes!  It also validates and documents Part ! where I say he remembers what he did to me 17 years ago, and he says he doesn’t. 
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June 5, 2014


An array of some of the postings Jensen, Margulies and Hawk published about me through the years. They’re not in any particular order.
IMAGINE…  instead,  these attacks are against you, your spouse, your daughter or your mother. Perhaps  a friend, a co-worker, or the old lady down the street.   
Lane Jensen
Always thought this picture epitomized the essence of Jensen. Here he’s masquerading in a costume that he could never acquire on his own, standing in from of a flag representing Freedom of Speech, something he denies others. 
Followed me to work, set up his camera across the street and started taking pictures of me.
Earlier that day he was taking pictures of my home. I called the police. 
click images for zoom
I documented his taking pictures of me while waiting for my Bus. 
Who sets up a tripod like this to stalk someone?!!  
Trimet headquarters
A friend took it from the bus stop.  She was on the same bus as Jensen and Alex Hawk and became concerned after over-hearing a conversation about me.  My bus arrived, he came out quickly and hid around the corner of the building until I walked in. She said it was though he knew exactly when I’d arrive. When I came in Hawk told me Jensen was in the restroom. At that point I had no idea my work schedule had been published. I went into the Bullpen where I found out. Ass’t Mgr Mark Poulson encouraged me to get a restraining order. He went outside to verify it was Jensen, then came back and said he would put something in writing. He then avoided me for several days then later said Jensen was on public property so there was no issue.  It went from concern to fuck you!  Warren came out, wanted to know what was going on and why. Cut me off mid sentence then said they would change my work to the Board. She was initially concerned as well and gave me the day off. The next day it was ‘fuck you’. Warren then turned everything over to Liza Mitzel, my Ass’t Mgr who then ignored my requests for assistance and information for 17 days. They knew they had a liability as I warned them in March of 2011 that if they didn’t intervene in what Margulies was doing it would be a problem.  

When I’d write about my journey through the Cyber Stalking, Margulies would send these types of threats trying to stifle me. When it didn’t work he started attacking my mental state online so no one would believe he was an abuser. I didn’t stop and won’t because the topic is too important to walk away from.  The whole issue of Bullying, online or in the workplace will not stop until laws are made to protect everyone.  Bully’s are gonna bully and if you’re one and in a position of authority nothing’s gonna stop it but laws, fines and jail time.  

Alex Hawk at a Board of Director’s meeting.

Slider to 3:00 to end.
The threat, slider to 4:22
He and his friends called in 8 complaints. They had my line/train and schedule. Trimet left them on my record even though they promised to remove them. 

Brad Pease, 
Trimet Bus Operator.  
Before his remarks on Jensen’s Blog and Union only FB, I never heard of him, didn’t know what he looked like or ever had a conversation with him.  He’s a follower of Margulies. Has a weak mind apparently as Margulies’ followers allowed his continuum of name calling over the years to set their minds against someone they’ve never had an actual life experience with. Accusing their victims of mental health problems is a common thread most abusers rely on when exposed. His comments on Jensen’s Blog against me were in violation of HR policies 202 as it relates to HR 171, Internet usage / respectful workplace. When I complained, Stacy Chrest, HR Business partners, in a February 4, 2013 letter responded, “If you believe you have been defamed, you are free to consult an attorney about your options.”
On Margulies Blog from a Board of Directors Meeting.
SOP 501B Trimet refused to enforce it for me.
Margulies, “This is where I developed the bad boy image, the glasses, the voice, it was all an act…”
Associating name picture recognition with schizophrenia or other mental health issues.
I put this up at one point to see if other victims would surface and to expose him as an abuser. Personally, I won’t support anyone who uses abuse against another. I feel everyone has the right to know so they can make informed choices before logging on to his Blog. He complained and HR gave me reprimands for posting his image. Callahan wouldn’t tell me which image and I wasn’t allowed to ask. “Now Ellen, now Ellen, now you know better then that, now Ellen…”. She threatened termination if I didn’t remove it. She accused me of making an “audio recording” of him. So I guess she was accusing me going to his home and filming him. Yep!  A document exchange and public records search later showed she told Hayden Talbot and Shelly Lomax that I “removed the image” of him, then 7 months later told an investigator for the Bureau of Labor and Industries that I “didn’t remove it.”  I sent an e-mail to Leonard Lambert, my Ass’t Mgr informing him what it was about so he would know prior to the reprimands. When I asked if he looked through it he said, “Oh no, I’m not interested in stuff like that so I sent it to my daughter.” His daughter does not work for Trimet. Lambert , who didn’t have a clue as what it was about told me they told him to sign it so he did.  I later advised him not to sign his name on anything unless he knows it’s truthful.  
Discussing me on twitter after I told him I’d call the cops if he got on my bus again.  

You wanna find out how hard I’ll attack you?!!
You better hope to hell the both of you get a prison term first! 
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There she blow’s

I’ve had quite the inquiries about Trimet’s HR-202, Internet Technology policy as it relates to FAIR USE laws and the internet.

Lane Jensen, Alex Hawk and Erik Halstead have been causing quite a stink at Trimet’s Customer Service offices by filing complaints against me, insisting I’m in violation of HR-202, by:

1.) Taking a picture of Lane without his permission.
2.) Posting pictures of Lane and Alex on my blog without their permission.
3.) Posting a picture of a picture on my blog that Erik took.

Historically, HR-202 was created to stop Margulies from secretly audio/video taping co-workers and passengers, then publishing those tapes over the internet via his blog. As he filmed on routes he drove, customers, unannounced to them, became part of the recordings which were then shown over the internet. Concerns developed as customers feared for their personal safety. Some may have been in witness protection, some may have been in hiding from abusive relationships, others simply asked their privacy be respected. All important information considering Al was directly responsible for it’s inception.  Odd that he chose not to disclose this to his young friends.

Nevertheless, the policy is what it says!  “You must obtain the express permission of any Trimet employee or customer before making audio or visual recordings of them or using such recordings in an internet posting.”

Regardless of what they want you to think, LANE AND ALEX ARE NOT TRIMET EMPLOYEES  AND THEY WEREN’T CUSTOMERS EITHER WHEN THE PICTURES WERE TAKEN, the same ones posted here.

Lane Jensen
Alex Hawk

The pictures, as portrayed here were taken at Al Margulies home in front of his flag. They were NOT taken from inside a bus! Therefore, policy HR-202 does not apply.  IT WOULD ONLY APPLY IF THE PICTURES WERE TAKEN WHILE I WAS OPERATING A BUS!  AND ONLY WHILE THEY WERE A FARE PAYING PASSENGER ON THE BUS! To take it a step further, they’re, standing in front of a flag which (I find quite disturbing) is representative of certain inalienable rights and yet they have the nerve to suggest (through their continuum of complaints) that TRIMET HAS THE POWER TO CONTROL all fair use internet laws even if the person in question has only ridden on public transit once.  I feel like I have to talk baby talk here because they don’t get how incredibly asinine this is!  You’re a customer from the moment you walk on the bus to the moment you walk off.  You are not a customer before or after that! Just like you’re a customer of Fred Meyers while you’re inside the store.  Once you leave – it’s all over – you’re on your own!!!

Erik Halstead.  
…and he did file it. He needs to read the ‘disclaimer’ on the right side of the blog.

The internet is the internet is the internet.  This is what I see when I google Erik Halstead, Lane Jensen and Alex Hawk:  Once it’s out there baby, it’s up for grabs!


Couple ‘a years ago, Al put out an insane number of videos about me trying to dispute my claims of Cyber Harassment / WorkPlace Bullying by using abusive tactics such as extreme name calling / brainwashing. He is someone who practices domestic abuse online. What he does at home I have no idea until someone speaks out but many women are in fear. When I exposed him as my abuser he acted atypical and started attacking my mental health in hopes no one would believe me.  At the time, there weren’t laws to stop him online. The DA’s office advised me to monitor his blog in hopes of creating laws which would eventually make it a criminal offense. I even took him to court twice hoping to gain the attention of lawmakers. The image above is a screen shot of one of the videos. It is what I often found when monitoring him.  The large bug glasses and distorted low creepy voice.  He lied to two judges, telling them he didn’t create this persona to purposely “frighten”me.  Then, a few weeks ago:

Now comes Lane, dark glasses, low voice, trying to be all creepy. Where do ya suppose he got this idea from?!!!
The video.  Give a listen!  


What Lane had to say about it: 
I’ve always known it
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This one falls under the category of STALKING, BULLYING and CYBER HARASSMENT.

Starting with Lane Jensen’s video.
Notice Lane’s complete LACK of composure. He’s VERBALLY ATTACKING a Trimet Supervisor.
Notice the Supervisor’s composure / professionalism.
Notice how the Supervisor walked away.
Lane wanted a fight – he didn’t get one!
Good job, Supervisor!!!

Margulies continues to use a couple ‘a bus groupies to do his dirty work. Dirty work meaning REVENGE and GETTING ATTENTION, at the cost of anyone or anything.

So now there’s two of ’em out there walking around in what Margulies calls their “Trimet Costume.”

Alex Hawk

Lane Jensen


Supervisors have a right to question WHY NON-EMPLOYEES are riding the system walking around the Bus Mall and Transit Centers IMPERSONATING Bus Operators. SERIOUSLY, why are these guy’s masquerading US? Could it be they’re scamming the system for free rides or are they DEPRIVED for ATTENTION?!!!

Perhaps they’re on Margulies’ payroll in someway, like for pizza an ’cause they like hanging out with an old angry guy. He gives them his old uniforms and they get to pretend they’re Trimet Operators and live out vicariously through his anger?!!!

Nooooo, say it ain’t sooooo

Personally AL, I’d think you’d be getting a much stronger support base if you kept ‘IT’ FOCUSED on THOSE ISSUES you claim near and dear instead of acting out through silly irrelevant revengeful acts of terrorism. i.e. name calling, putting a dick on the guy’s head or Trimet uniforms on the bodies of TWO groupies. (number subject to change). You might wanna re-examine your motives and the type of results you expect. You know, one of those ‘end justifies the means’ type of things.

I’m gonna stick my nose in this because I find it totally in line with your online behaviors against me and am gonna tell you this ‘Uniform’ thing is disrespectful. Not just disrespectful but BIZARROOOOO!!! When we see Lane and Alex wearing them it’s like a slap in the face to every Union Operator. We’re PROUD to wear them. You chose differently, that’s your business. We’re PROUD to be Union. We’re PROUD to be part of the working class providing transit options to those who either choose transit or are transit dependent.

I asked Lane to PLEASE remove the logos, he said he would but didn’t. He doesn’t understand. He only hears your rhetoric. He IS anti Trimet, anti-Bus Operator (always looking for fault), anti Union and doesn’t understand what a respectable balance would look like AND then confrontational to Supervisor Wayne! He doesn’t understand who we are and what we do. He’s your creation! He’s not someone who’s capable of making judgments based on his own experiences AND he’s Trimet dependent. Should he end up getting excluded that’ll be on you!

Al, ya need to step off the fence you’ve been dangling over for the last several years and make a decision. If it’s Union – then SUPPORT your Union family. If it isn’t then find a life!!!

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Nothing like watching ellen go after people she doesnt like

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about CYBER BULLY/STALKERS. The behaviors against me have calmed down a bit and I’ve been busy working towards change.  As a victim of these horrifying life changing events,  I’ve much healing to do and many legal battles to pursue.

Nevertheless, Margulies continues to abuse, only these days it’s mostly against others, some of whom are friends, all of them co-workers and Union brothers and sisters.  I’ve always said I wasn’t the only victim. This time he’s got a contingent of ‘groupies’ armed with scanners, audio/video cameras and recorders. Serious questions of legality arise when recorders are in use, then published over the internet but the reality of it, at least in my mind is more on those issues of personal integrity. Why would someone want to hurt a complete stranger so publicly if their motives weren’t self serving?!!  Just because something’s legal doesn’t make it moral.  Freedom of Speech wasn’t intended for Hate speech! Just because Oregon law protects the right to tape record phone calls without notification doesn’t make it moral. Just becauseAl Margulies, Lane Jensen and probably a myriad of others can take pictures and audio/video/visuals on Buses doesn’t make it moral if those devices are not turned off when asked, creates safety problems and are then edited to specifically get someone in trouble because you’re more interested in HIGH DRAMA then creativity.

Since 2009, I’ve shown proof that Margulies appears to be someone who was left alone in his crib for far too many years as he just can’t seem to get enough attention!
Last September I noticed the YouTube below published on Margulies Blog by Jason McHuff. I was concerned at the time but thought it was a one time thing as we all have ‘days’. I know McHuff. He used to ride my bus home from work. He’s a “groupie” but one with amazing intelligence towards transit issues. He records the Board of Directors meetings which are now shown on Cable. He rode my bus a couple of months ago. I asked him if he was recording me. He said ‘No”. I trust that to be true, because if it turns out not to be, he best run for the hills!  He’s recorded audio/video/visual conversations with several Operators which were then published on Al’s Blog. I don’t know if Operators were aware this was going on.
In light of Al’s buddy, Lane Jensen, I decided to take another look at the recording and realized the aggressive manner with which Jason approached the Operator. I’ve gone back through the blog since and read comments. They’re often far more revealing then the postings. It appears his association with Margulies over the years has corrupted his otherwise values to fairness. He defends his actions against the Operator by stating…
Click images for zoom
“…and knew Al’s view on fare checking!”  REALLY?!!!  Al’s views and our training are world’s apart. Al, after all is no longer employed by Trimet. He was forced into retirement and choose not to pursue the abuses they caused to his Civil Rights and as a result has become an angry obsessed disgruntled ex-employee who’s striking out inappropriately at everyone including his Union and his Union brothers and sisters. Many of his comments and personal attacks on his blog come from unreasonable expectations. He even expected ATU to support his effort at taking Neil McFarlane to court. His purpose is to get the most ‘views’, regardless of who he has to step on!  This fact is obvious as he inserts a Google image weekly titles, “Let’s See Who’s Watching.” The last time we were in court, Judge Millian told him, ” You have the ethics of a squid.” I thought it was interesting he used that same terminology to describe Neil McFarlane. Perhaps he feels they have that in common.
Jason McHuff, a younger version, a little thinner. Take a look – if he gets on your Bus ask him if he’s audio/video or recording you. Sometimes they wear a tag or something saying “recording in progress” but often it’s turned the other way or is positioned where no one can see it. He taped and published the Operator in the YouTube above and I’ll bet she never knew it. It’s illegal to record someone in Oregon even if that recording includes the video portion WITHOUT giving notice or obtaining permission.  If you find he’s posted an video with audio recording of you on Al’s blog without your knowledge you can sue Al for every penny he has because the Blog is registered to him only, through Google.  Margulies is legally responsible for all content, including the Lane Jensen’s of the world and a gaggle of other contributors.
Mark is my friend. He’s someone I’ve known for as long as he’s been at Trimet.  He’s one of many co-workers who make working there worth it!  He’s always been consistent and helpful. When I see him I smile. He has an incredibly big heart and cares a great deal about others.  It’s devastating for me to see what Lane Jensen and Al Margulies tried to do to him. Lane staged it all. Al sets him and other groupies up to attack Operators. They are now equipped with scanners, tape recorders and cameras. Lane audio/video recorded Mark. Camera right up in his face accusing him of making an illegal turn. He then took video of the window box and bus numbers, edited it to his liking and sent it in to Trimet for discipline.  He then published it on Al’s blog with Al’s approval. Al later said in a comment that although Mark is a “decent guy”, he “thought it was amusing ” I know what Mark and other Operators have been going through because I’ve been going through it for years. They’re being bullied and publicly humiliated! Mark then wanted to have a ‘from one person to another’ talk with Lane (off the record). He asked Lane if he was recording him and Lane said, “No.”  He later realized the conversation was posted on Al’s blog.  Jensen does not work for Trimet.  He’s not a Supervisor at Trimet. He’s never driven a Bus for Trimet. He doesn’t have a clue about who we are and what it is that we do or for that matter what we go through during the course of a shift. He’s angry because, according to him a broken down bus caused him to loose his job. According to comments on Al’s blog, Lane had the job for less then a month.  If he’s so into transit, he knew to take the bus ahead or he could’ve called his employer with an update. If his employer terminated him over that one occurrence then they were probably looking for a reason to get rid of him.  Trimet Customer Service, btw,  provides letters to employers explaining the lateness of buses to those customers affected.
This is Lane Jensen. He purposely gets in Operator’s faces with his camera, very confrontational, accusing. Trying to get your feathers ruffled.  He’s a sensationalist!  If you don’t give him what he wants he’ll create it. The beard is gone. DO NOT ENGAGE HIM! If you see him at a transit center or on your bus, call dispatch immediately!  He’s stalking, harassing, bullying, recording and falsely editing Operators without their knowledge and permission. Creating UNSAFE conditions for us, the buses and the public!
Our Union Executive Board Officer, representing Powell has been working with management about the reports this schmuck edited and sent in. In one of the videos he shows a younger Operator wearing a Trimet cap standing at the front door supposedly asking him to leave but moments later he shows an older heavier Operator with white hair changing the window box numbers. He claims they’re the same person.  That video’s been removed. hmmm…
Our Union Officer then wrote a short synopsis of the problem on an ATU 757 member only secure facebook site warning Operators about Jensen. He talked about 7 other Operators who came forward with similar horror stories. The Union guy was giving us a ‘heads up’ in case we encountered Jensen. Margulies, a member of that site, who actively participates in discussions, then removed the posting and sent it to Jensen. An act of betrayal against all Union members! Jensen then responded PUBLICLY, through his and Margulies’ blogs. Al also supplied him with a picture of the Union guy which was published as well.  From Lane, I can understand this behavior. He appears to be someone with issues, perhaps ADA. But, without Margulies’ coaching, encouragement, support and facilitating a place to publish his and other bus groupies videos none of this would be an issue.  Anyone can be trained on how to have “semi-famous” status by becoming a SENSATIONALIST. All’s you gotta do is publicly exploite friends, co-workers, Union members and complete strangers simply by following Margulies online program of self behavior.  Monkey see monkey do.  The fact remains, Margulies, who by all accounts wants us to believe he’s Mr. Solidarity, Mr. Union guy, everyone’s buddy and hero who cares so much more about our members then anyone else that he took Neil McFarlane to small claims court, IS ACTUALLY THE HYPOCRITE AMONG US!  
As much as he advertised and commercialized the court case he filed against Neil McFarlane, Margulies couldn’t find anyone willing to go with him other then Lane Jensen. Two schmucks taking the head schmuck to Court!  All three of ’em harassing Union members! lol  Saturday Night Live can’t write stuff like this!  And then:
Not quite!  As of this date, he and Margulies refuse to remove the audio/videos and recordings of Mark including the blog entry and picture of our Union Representative.
Margulies states, “THE MEDIA LOVES TRIMET LEAD BY THE UNION BUSTER JOE ROSE!”  He’s is right! Rose isn’t a friend of Unions. He’s refused to publish the Unions side including public record documents which show Trimet’s deficit is from Trimet executive salaries not negotiated employee health care benefits. The Oregonian should ALWAYS GIVE EQUAL TIME but they don’t! It’s yellow journalism.  BUT, even though Margulies got it right he continues to pander to the enemy by providing him/them with information, even if that information disrespects and hurts the wishes of one of our members:
This screen shot was taken from an article Joseph Rose wrote about the stabbing on Oregonlive.com.  Margulies also sent a picture of himself and Leonard in order to bring further attention to himself.  The image is a statement from Leonard thanking his customers and co-workers for support. In initial media reports,  Leonard asked to remain anonymous. After Margulies supplied the Oregonian with Leonard’s name and the above statement, he then asked again that the media respect his privacy.  Margulies then provided Rose and his blogging audience a copy of the dispatch call.  In Margulies’ world, everything’s up for grabs. He doesn’t care how his actions impact others! The Union asked another member to remove his posting giving up the victim’s name and that member complied.
A few years ago,  Margulies was interviewed by KGW.  He was angry because he felt the media were judging all Operators by the actions of one. Check out the screen shots. Margulies does the same thing!
It’s all about gaining attention and ‘views’.
The image above illustrates the results of brain washing Margulies successfully creates in the minds of a couple of  bus ‘groupies’. They rely on Trimet. I doubt their experiences on public transit is correctly articulated through their comments.
I’ll admit that not all of us are on the same page but 50% of us are NOT “stupid assholes!”  We are a microcosm of the community in which we serve.  Those few who disrespect their jobs, co-workers and the community are of the same numbers we transport.  Those who get on the buses, assault us, steal from other passengers, lie about their fare, etc are 2 or 3%.  When I started 20 years ago, training told us 1% will be problems. As the years progressed and times have gotten more difficult with the economy fading and fares increased, service cuts and our Governor refusing to stand behind the working class, the percentages may have risen by at least 1 or 2%. Everywhere I’ve worked it seemed we had a handfull of folks who should probably be somewhere else doing something else.
There will always be incidents because of the human factor, but at least 97% of us Operating Buses, Trolleys and Light Rail,  mechanics and support staff are good honest conscientious tax paying citizens who care deeply about the quality of our work and the safety and comfort of our customers.
Mr. Margulies, and his ‘groupies’ do not represent Trimet Operators or Union Members.  It would be to everyones advantage if he were to concentrate his efforts of harassment on those in management instead of the Operators, providing he has no over substantive hobbies to occupy his time during his retirement.


The last thing any of us needs right now is Angie LaPine audio/video taping on the buses, but here she is!
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In light of Jeff Ackerson’s response,  the perpetual ‘last straw’ has broken.
we agreed, I sent him a preview of the blog postings involving him for
his feedback. I kept my word, my end of the agreement. It was understood
that if he had questions or problems with it we could agree to discuss
it as adults.  He started ‘name calling’  and avoided the subject.  I
then received another e-mail in which he states, “
please stop harassing me. no more emails. go away.your out of control.”
So THIS posting is for him, his lack of integrity and his buddies:

I am NOT a victim!  

DON’T FIGHT BACK. I’VE ALWAYS FOUGHT BACK. My intention has always been
to see this ‘THING’ all the way through to the end! 
meaning a final resolution through the CRIMINAL COURT system AND the
FEDERAL COURT system,  for however long that takes. 

In the END, I will see to it that NOT ANOTHER WOMAN
suffers from the public scrutiny, abuse and humiliation I have had to
endure through my workplace, my Union and my Community via the internet
by man boys who exist without a sense of dignity or respect for
themselves and others and with way too much time on their hands. 

the END, It’ll be living in the mansion up on the hill while you small
minded piglets swill off your 20 ouncer’s and fortified wine while
waiting in a line somewhere for day old worm infested food. 

ya don’t have the brains or the common decency to address someone who
is sincerely trying to make things better then keep your trap shut!

the only way you know of debating or resolving conflict is through NAME
CALLING then you and your ‘Rantings’ brotherhood of ignorant red necks
deserve each other.

Chris Day refers to me as a “piece of shit”
Jeff Welch refers to me as a “bitch, pathetic, lesbian, psychotic and ‘him'”
Margulies refers to me as, “Obsessive/compulsive, whack job,
paranoid schizophrenic, who makes life miserable for numerous people at
Olsen says I “threatened to castrate” him as well as submitted several
other reports about me to HR regarding his sexual Orientation which were
investigated and found unsubstantiated.
Dan Booker tells co-workers that I, “Don’t like Gay men.”
Punkrawker 4783 says my blog is “crap and I crave attention”
Ackerson says I’m “obsessed” and makes fun of me by calling me, “Angry
Ellen” and accuses me of “harassing him and being out of control” when I
stuck by an agreement we both reached at the August 14th ATU meeting.  

This is just the tip of the iceberg. 


The list of names and name calling is enormous. 


one tries to ‘out do’ the other.  They are a formed ‘hate group’ of
unproductive  abusive man boys feeding off the ignorance and 
hatred of
each other. Not a one of them has an interest in living a productive,
positive and nurturing life.  Other than a nearly pre-blog friendship
with Al Margulies years ago, I do not know any of these men, personally.  


Jeff,  I WAS angry – many times. “Angry Ellen” So what?!  Sometimes I’m
angry and sometimes I’m hurt and sad and depending on which day of the
week it is,  I can be happy and all smiley and yet other times intense
and serious. But right now at THIS VERY MOMENT – I’m TOTALLY ENRAGED!
That’s who I am Jeff.  I come with emotions.  They’re mine and I celebrate and embrace them.  All
of ’em.  Imagine, a real live breathing feeling human being who isn’t
afraid to be who she is where she is. That’s my integrity!  I hear
a different drum. I don’t succumb to anyone neither do I look towards
others for acceptance or approval unless it’s from those I respect.  So
if you don’t like “Angry Ellen” you can just – fucking – lump  –  it!



Back to the August “Preferring of Charges Meeting”

were more members than usual because the picnic meeting had preceded
the business meeting. Several stayed. Jon Hunt announced the agenda and
of course when he mentioned the “Preferring of Charges” portion against
me heads flung around the room looking for the culprit.  Chris Day
showed up late.  What I noticed about him is that he looked more
disheveled than usual. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days or was
VERY hungover.  He sat on the floor in the back of the room against a
wall.  He had something in his hand = it wasn’t a set of keys.  No pen
or paper.  I looked back at him a few times.  He wasn’t taking notes. He
seemed to be semi-conscious – taking a nap or zoned out.  Days later I
saw this posted on his blog.
Had he actually TAPE RECORDED the meeting?!!!  This Chris Day guy is
all busy accusing everyone else of being dishonest and illegal but ya
know what they say, ‘when you’re pointing a finger at someone else, ya
got three of ’em pointin’ right back at cha.’ 
it came time for the “Preferring of Charges” part, Jon Hunt
emphatically stated the Union is AGAINST it.  That it’s ILLEGAL and, as
was said in the first “Preferring of Charges” meeting, “she can sue us.”
Day REFUSES comment.  (later on that).  I get THREE MINUTES WHICH GOT
STRETCHED TO FIVE.  People are turned around in their seats watching me,
trying to see if I LOOK EVIL.  Probably not hearing a word I’m
saying – just sitting there judging me.  Expecting me to say something
in five minutes that will make it all go away somehow.  Thinking to
themselves that they didn’t come here for this.  NO ONE actually
BLACKBALLS anymore – do they?!!!  A couple of ’em asked questions.
Lavern was the BEST part. She talked about how that action can IMPLODE a
Union from the inside out.  But – is anyone listening?
came loaded with notes and over $30 worth of copies to prove “it simply
ain’t true.  But I can’t follow the notes ’cause there just isn’t
enough time and the copies never made it to the audience.
Then comes Jeff Ackerson:  
“She did it to me too…”

did I do that upset him so much that he felt he needed to reprimand me
in a Union meeting?   After talking with him later, it appears he was
upset that I wrote a posting on my blog where I showed the same video as
above.  He felt I should have checked with him first. The topic had to
do with people who support and encourage abusers.
is an avid fan and supporter of Margulies and his Rantings Blog which
was proven through the series of e-mail posted below. And, as such he’s
heard the constant stream of the negative, abusive highly public and
slanderous bashings I’ve received over the last couple of years. He’s
heard the same message over and over again.  If Ackerson didn’t like or
agree with my post he could have contacted me either through blog
comments or through e-mail or phone, etc.  But instead, he (who is also
an Executive Board Officer for ATU) chose to hold off on his OUTBURST
until the Preferring of Charges meeting. So, what the fuck was that
all about? He used his Union position to ‘get back at me’ and then voted
“NO” I could’ve respected a ‘YES’ vote from him.  But now, I don’t know
who the hell  he is or what he stands for.  It was like – why bring it
up in the first place to a room packed with people who don’t understand
and there isn’t time to explain. It felt like he was purposely adding to
the negativity so the boys would film him – and THEY DID!!!  

of his outburst, he put himself in a position where he can’t represent
or vote or even ‘sit’ in meetings when my name comes up, which includes
accident appeals or E-Board meetings.  He has to be in a position to
represent the entire membership equally but he SINGLED ME OUT, I assume
because of his relationship with Margulies.  
(e-mails below more than suggest it)   The guys love their AL. He puts them on a You Tube and sings some bullshit praise and they get their 15 minutes.  Woo hoo!!!
I immediately try to rectify my part. He says he was upset because I
hadn’t contacted him BEFORE I put the posting up because he had specific
reasons for coming to Al’s defense. Civil Rights and Freedom of Speech.
But – you know – hate speech is not free speech.  And then you don’t
make excuses for him by saying he’s “not a threat” and his blog is
“information that’s useful.” because it’s not. Just the fact alone
that Margulies supports an admitted child molester is reason for
concern. Nevertheless, I left under the impression that all was
understood and it was over. NOT!!!

later, I’m writing a blog about the ‘Preferring of Charges’ meeting I
had to again go through and the subsequent SCAM I discovered when Al and
Chris started posting private Union business on their blogs and blaming
me for it.  I contacted Jeff – as we agreed – to let him know I’d be
writing about my experience in the last meeting and will be including
his OUTBURST.  As previously agreed, I stated my intentions to let him
read it before posting. This is what I got in return:
Click image to zoom.
Thread starts at bottom.
Jeff is RED
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From International Constitution
“21.7 Disclosure of Union Business.  No officer or member of the L.U. shall furnish to any unauthorized person a list of the names and addresses of the membership. All business of the L.U. must be kept strictly private from persons outside of the Union, unless publication be authorized by the L.U., and persons giving out any information contrary to the L.U. shall after proceeding in accordance with the provisions of Section 22, if found guilty, be fined, suspended or expelled.”


Besides all of the reasons Hunt mentioned in yesterdays meeting for not allowing the Preferring of Charges to go forward,  here is the REALITY of the situation.  What this means is that when the International Constitution says ADDRESS – it MEANS ADDRESS – NOT BADGE NUMBERS.  ONE cannot simply change the wording of the constitution to suit THEIR purpose.

Did Margulies and Day publish all those private Union documents on their Rantings blog (since the blackballing scheme didn’t work)  the last couple of days because they didn’t understand the difference between an ADDRESS AND A BADGE NUMBER and decided while they were at it they might as well change the wording of the International Constitution to include the Freedom of Information Act –  OR…



Al M’s been known to change the context and significance of statements written by others on his blogs and through comments he shares throughout the community on other blogs. Something I’ve been aware he’s been doing since 2009.  Day does this as well.

I write my blog for myself because as a victim of cyber abuse it’s become my voice as well as a way to reach out to other victims of Internet harassment. But he and his friends come over here, take my words and put their own spin on it – to fit their purpose which is to discredit me. It’s another tactic abusers use in order to de-focus us from the facts and validate themselves.  We can debate different perspectives in terms of what we understand about what an author meant, but in those specific instances where reputations and abuse are on the line – it’s not debatable.  For Instance, I may write something to deflect the constant barrage of name calling and slander by simply bringing the quote to the forefront.

Then… Margulies, Chris Day and Jeff Welch through their shared Ellen Fox Slander Blog Watch write:

“Ellen Fox says Chris Day is “coming after ‘you'”   They even apply quote marks which makes the statement appear legit.

But, what I ACTUALLY wrote on that post is:

The context and meaning of my words have been changed because they are trying to control what you think, feel and interpret.  They are changing your mind-set. Every caption to every entry listed on the Blog Watch has purposely been changed for your benefit.  It’s another strategy abusers use. Abusers, once exposed will go to any extreme necessary to make sure you don’t see the truth.


While I was talking in the meeting yesterday about abuse I was going through, a woman sitting a few rows up turned and acknowledged me for what I was going through.  At one point she started repeating my words with me. She understood. If you’ve been there  – you know. She validated my experience.

Another example:

The Watch Blog says:
“Does Bruce Hansen support Ellen Fox’s Slander Blog and her campaign of hate?”

What I wrote was,
“Time to get your Bruce Hansen for President buttons and t’s on.”

My Freedom of Speech is that I can make those comments. The difference is Margulies, Day and Welch changed the spin on my statement to make Bruce look bad. They even went so far as to use ATU logo. They did this to control what you comprehend before you read it. It’s the same thing Chris Day did as he was gathering signatures for his Preferring of Charges – Blackball petitions against me. He went up to people during rush hour bullpen madness knowing time was a factor with 18 pages of single spaced print, asked co-workers to sign something “for the Union” then interpreted it in one or two sentences that fit his motives.

The words they used in those conversations as well as blog postings and headings are slander – which is hate speech and because it’s used to describe and define me to you all – almost 3,000 of ya, I can sue ’em.


Third paragraph down, “She has been claiming for years now that blogger AL M is and has been ‘stalking her’ going to such extremes as saying she is ‘afraid for her life’.

What I have ACTUALLY been saying is that in Cyber language a ‘Cyber Bully’ is one who harasses children over the internet and a ‘Cyber Stalker’ is the terminology used for an adult who harasses over the internet.  Since Al M, Chris Day and Jeff Welch have plastered my picture on their various blogs, people on my bus, on the streets and in stores I frequent are recognizing me – in a NEGATIVE way.  I have concerns about the mentality of someone who isn’t capable of developing their own world experiences but rather live though the negativity and words of others.

Last paragraph of this posting is also interesting because THEY accuse ME of Preferring Charges against Khris Alexander.  lol
The truth is that I signed a petition for his RECALL specifically because he misappropriated a Union donation (a fairly new 27” television) which I handed him for Gresham TC. He took it home for his family’s private use.  No one Preferred Charges against him to get him blackballed. The signatories simply wanted to rescind his Executive Board position. Each of us had our reasons – many were similar. He didn’t deserve to be blackballed and it was never brought up.  But, Margulies went to that Union meeting and took all of the documents provided and published them on his blog in spite of the fact that President Hunt asked that everything be kept private. He went as far as making comments in his various video rants where he acknowledged President Hunt asking that no one secretly record the meeting or take documents from it.  Margulies could have been blackballed for doing it.  But, even then with all his improprieties and outrageous behaviors – AT HIS CO-WORKERS EXPENSE – he wasn’t.  He published all the documents that night – but the subject of blackballing him for doing it never came up.

There were a few private correspondences from me that Hunt included with the packet that night. We discussed them after I discovered they became public.  He said to me, “Oh”.  lol  My private e-mail address was even published.  No reason to ask that either Hunt or Margulies be blackballed for exposing those documents publicly against me.  No one ever thought or expected Margulies should work without Union benefits or representation.


Margulies and Day’s behavior is treasonous. There’s no question the postings from yesterday and today alone should get them all the negative attention they’ve apparently been seeking.  Years ago I suggested to Hunt and talked about it in several of my postings that Margulies was giving information to people who couldn’t be happier than to see all Unions vanished from this Country.  I wasn’t implying he was a spy for them I was simply suggesting  he was behaving irresponsibly with sensitive information regarding our benefits and contract on his rants.  Video after video showed him and others at Beaverton TC talking about it. I believe he was responsible for TM receiving the Golden Fleece Award because the very conservative, anti Union anti rail movement was following his blog.  He knew they were and enjoyed the attention. In fact, Hunt asked him several times to stop talking about these things on his blog.



To my knowledge, the only member who’s ever been blackballed in the history of ATU was Tom Wallace for stealing nearly half a million dollars.


I have NEVER met or talked with Welch or ‘J’.
In fact, I’ve never even had a conversation with Chris Day.

just sayin…

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